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So my Bible reading has been going okay. It's not daily yet, but I am reading it whenever I can like on the bus. But it has been going well for me spiritually. It's really amazing how much of what you read on THAT day or that time really applies to what's happening.

You guys probably don't know this yet, but Faith church has really fallen apart. A year after the Snider's left, our council chairman and his family left too...and he was a worship leader too, and his daughter also came to FF, so them leaving was pretty significant and affected all areas of the church (his wife was a Sunday school teacher too). Because they left, another young family also left because their kids are super close friends and they've been friends their whole life. That happened at the first annual general meeting.

Then, a second one rolled around, and Pastor Darcy announced that he was handing in his resignation and then a whole bunch of people left after that. Seriously, I was told that there was only 3 Caucasians and the rest were Filipino, or East Indian, or of some Asian descent...and there was about, 20 of them that Sunday after the second general meeting.

While all this was going on, I had stopped going to Faith because I had been working on projects and meeting with my team in Surrey. Actually, the last time I went, was the time that I posted in here...because the guest speaker has spurred me to start reading the entire Bible, and I did.

The week when I found out that Pastor Darcy left and that the church basically fell apart, I was reading 1 Corinthians and it was the chapter about the church and the body. How when one part leaves, the body no longer functions well. I couldn't help to think about the fact that I stopped going and all these things happened...and that all these members left and that just caused more and more people to go. I don't think that I was a great impact on the church falling, but probably as just a pinky or something, I had fallen off and it affected the church somehow. I'm sure if I was still there, I think the same things would have still happened...but it did really make me realize or see that verse in its entirety because of everything that's happened. Now, I don't know what to do about continuing to be the leader of FF...right now it's basically Aaron, his two friends, and the Indonesian kids...and not all of them always come either. And I've been so busy that I've even had to cancel last minute a couple of times already.

But I think I left for more reasons than busyness. I could already feel that the church was not a healthy place. For months, Pastor Darcy's sermons really did not sink into me and I was getting tired from having to do Saturday Night, prepare for worship, and then always having to do PowerPoint every single week. I learned from that experience that if you tire yourself or anyone out in service, it will just make them step back, or leave altogether. The church didn't have a Sunday school or anything for the young adults. They had prayer meetings but I couldn't make it to those. So I started looking for other means like BSF, and then when my parents started the English congregation at Canaan, I was really starting to finally learn and pay attention in those services. I know church isn't about taking and receiving...but I was at the point where I was giving and giving and not intaking anything at the same time. I knew to avoid that, but there seemed no way out of doing it every Sunday. It wasn't until my parents needed my help with Canaan that I was able to use that as an "excuse" to not go often, and then group meetings started and I stopped going altogether.

Anyways, I'm just rambling now. Point of entry, read your Bible everyday. It's good for you. haha


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