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So, last week, Pastor Daniel, who was one of the pastors of Faith but wasn't full time because he had other indo-canadian ministries going on, asked Sharon to help lead worship on Sunday because they only have one worship team and they can't possibly do it every week. Sharon agreed, and I agreed to help with the PowerPoint again, and then on Sunday, my parents came to because they had things to discuss with Pastor Daniel. Apparently, they want us to move our service time back to the morning so we can join the two English congregations so pray about that because I still can't decide which would be healthiest and best for the church....but it's not for me to decide anyways.

Well, on Sunday, when we were there...Pastor Daniel kept thanking us (the Chan family) for coming and helping them to do this. And...not only that...but afterwards, one of the ladies approached me and thanked me for helping. And then when she thanked Sharon, she started getting teary, and tried to hold it back but then she just started crying. It was so sad to see but I think I completely understood those tears. She's been at this church since it started, I think...so it must really hurt her to see it go through something like this. I think I've experienced the same kind of tears...but it made me glad that we were able to serve in that way and start the process of healing that wound.

The guest speaker who spoke on Sunday really gave us a really applicable message too. I think he knew the situation so he chose to speak on that. But it was about not looking at the good times of the past and wishing for the future, but to focus on the present. We can be thankful for the past and the blessings the church had back then...but if we're hit with a fall, we can't just focus our eyes on the past and be wistful. I think it probably spoke to everyone and was much needed...including for me.

I had just been contemplating last week about how I never have a strong stable fellowship to be a part of. I look at the fellowships of my past, the church in Windsor...seeing all my friends having so much fun and growing together...and I asked God why I couldn't just stay there and experience that? But of course, I wouldn't trade coming here for anything in the world because I love what I have here and everything here is a blessing from God. But I was doing just what the pastor spoke about...wishing for the past. I really need to look at what's happening now...and work to build it up again. I'm twenty now...and I really haven't had a stable fellowship that I can call a second family that's been with me for years. I really do envy people who have that. But I need to trust God that he's put me in the place that He wants me to be to bring Him glory. And all I have to do is trust and obey.



it's linda - i'm just anonymous b/c i'm too lazy to create a livejournal ID

your blog applies to what my church is going through right now. although i don't we've come to that realization yet as a church. there's still much in-fighting and relationships on edge.

it's interesting how our studies last week and this week are about unity in the church - it totally applies! if possible, keep the peace, put all your effort in it. and yet my church is being separated not by the non-negotiables of faith, but by pigheadedness and lack of forgiveness and brotherly love.

your fellowship will come! keep praying, God didn't put that on your heart for no reason. i prayed since elementary school for best friends - and look who God gave me after all those years of praying? you, Iris, Keith, and Joanas


Re: it's linda - i'm just anonymous b/c i'm too lazy to create a livejournal ID

it's still linda: no more updating?


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