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My Goal

After too long of neglecting my devotions, I decided to set up a blog/journal where I can record my daily bible studies. They will be written in sort of a format where I'm teaching...or giving a bible study lesson because I realized that I get the most out of a passage when I'm preparing a bible study for my preteen fellowship, Faithful F.I.R.E. and since I always use my laptop to type up my lesson notes, I decided that I can do this here! With everyone keeping me accountable to make sure I do my devotions every single day!  

Awesome plan eh?  Haha I'm excited!  I've decided to start in Proverbs...the wise words of Solomooon.  Since I'm studying Genesis for BSF and Matthew for FF, Job for RR, and Hosea for FF Leaders' meeting, I decided to do something far off from those books and so Proverbs it is!

Okay I will start...tonight or tomorrow! XD lol maybe tomorrow...see, the good thing is my schedule for next semester will be awesome for doing devotions cause I won't have to leave the house till noon!  

Okay pray for me!  And that this will really help me to build some discipline and hopefully eventually I may not need to do something like this~

Haha you can read it as a daily devotional too if you want! XD haha and add input since I have comments enabled...but you don't have to~ haha this is really for me and God.  But if you get something out of it too, that'll be just as awesome =D



March 2007

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